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We make grocery shopping exciting for all.

We believe quality, freshness, and accessibility shouldn't ever be compromised when it comes to food. Powered by e-commerce and proprietary forecasting technology, we continue to redefine online grocery shopping since 2015. We're a scrappy yet well-funded and profitable tech startup growing 700% YoY. We're loved and recognized as a trusted household brand among underserved communities. Join us as we expand across North America at hyperspeed, making convenient and affordable access to specialty products and everyday essentials possible.


We're merchandise-driven

Our procurement team is made up of expert foodies who go above and beyond to scout for hard-to-find and exciting products.We've cultivated a close-knit network of local and international suppliers since 2015 to make it possible to offer the most exclusive, highest quality, and best value.


Unparalleled customer experience is our lifeblood

We empower customers to make informed buying decisions backed by our satisfaction guarantee in an effort to transform and elevate the existing Asian grocery shopping experience. Our distinguished NPS rating (56) demonstrates our confidence in the products we offer as well as commitment to exceptional customer service.


We celebrate culture and the power of community

Our community-driven user acquisition approach brings together loyal customers who have contributed as brand advocates since the very beginning. We strive to be inclusive of every type of customer and region we serve, provide transparency in the quality products we source, and capture the cultural importance behind every ingredient featured.


We're humble, scrappy, and intentional

We rely heavily on customer feedback to quickly iterate and adapt to the evolving needs of consumers. This enables us to navigate through challenges with a growth mindset and take ownership in decisions to improve lives. We are nimble and autonomous, never hesitating to take action and always moving with intention and speed. This shared dedication resonates throughout the organization across the leadership team to the warehouse floor.


Why now is the time to join our team

Grow and win with the company

We're building a world-class team united by the vision to establish Weee! as a national brand and industry leader. We're committed to empowering employees at this hyper-growth stage by providing hands-on opportunities to work closely with leadership and make impactful business decisions. We foster career development for employees to thrive and succeed, from promoting within to providing management trainee programs.

Find fulfillment and reward

Our shared determination to redefine e-grocery has brought together some of the most talented, goal-driven, and solution-oriented industry veterans. Work alongside creatives, developers, operations experts, and business leaders who demonstrate our position as pioneers in this landscape. To continually recognize and value exceptional talent, we offer company stock options, celebrate milestones, and reward achievement through quarterly bonuses.

Ground up the business

To propel our rapid and strategic expansion efforts across North America, we highly value team members who are motivated by the opportunity to bring Weee! to new geographic regions. From overseeing warehouse operations to driving regional sales, these strategic partners will be fueled by the day-to-day challenges to live and breathe our value propositions and rapidly scale.

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