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Explore the Authentic Korean Food - New Favorites Just Landed


Gathering friends and families is an excellent time to reconnect with those we hold close during holidays with food.

The must-try list is just getting longer, especially seeing all kinds of delicacies in Korean dramas. 

Now, you can also enjoy the authentic Korean food at home. From seafood to snacks, more surprises to come!

Lots of new favorites just landed. Let's explore them down below -




Jeollanam-do Dried Seasoned Seaweed Flake



Lightly seasoned, salty seaweed leaves in small shredded flakes.

Rice ball, bibimbap, or even enjoy itself as a snack, it's great with everything, and always adds additional flavor to your dishes.

Perfect for the whole family!




Sprinkle a handful of the flakes over steamed rice and enjoy.

This is an especially popular rice topping amount children!





Jeollanam-do Dried Seasoned Laver



It is made with carefully selected only the finest raw grass with 30 years of tradition. Seasoned seaweed was developed as the first super healthy seasoned seaweed.

The crisp texture that gives way to tenderness, profound and complex fragrance, and rich taste are the hallmarks of low-calorie snack food.



Lightly seasoned, salty seaweed lavers in small size pre-sliced sheets, it's the perfect seaweed for a quick and easy meal with rice or to make simple yet tasty little gimbap rolls.


Jeollanam-do Rice Puffs



These tasty treats are made by puffing rice in a natural way and they are a great finger food particularly loved by young children.



Refreshing afternoon treat with a cup of tea or coffee.



Jeollanam-do Korean Yakgwa Sweet Rice Cookie Gift Set 



Made with natural ingredients, this richly textured Korean treat is dense with layered sweetness and delicious flavors that will leave you satisfied yet craving more. 

Individually wrapped, perfect for on-the-go snacks.




Jeollanam-do Frozen Cooked Abalone



These abalones are from the Wando Sea, the cleanest sea area and the largest production area of ​​abalone.

Wando abalone is a high quality abalone grown only on fresh kelp and seaweed.

As the undersea topography in the sea of ​​Wando is mainly composed of elvan, marine products from Wando are known to have excellent taste and nutrition.

Production and quality control are conducted under the HACCP standard.




Defrost and eat or use for various things.

It can also be used for various abalone dishes, such as abalone fried rice, abalone porridge, abalone pancakes, and stir-fried abalone.





Jeollanam-do Frozen Seaweed Soup w/Abalone



Authentic Korean seaweed soup is famously eaten on birthdays, but it is also a dish enjoyed on a daily basis. 

This ready-to-go seaweed soup, simply just heat and serve.  Abalones also provide you with a good source of protein. 

Its mild flavor makes it suitable for everyone and, since it isn't overpowering, it can be a great addition to almost any meal.





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